Our History

Automated Cutting Technologies, Inc. was founded by Rodney Worley in 1997. Prior to offering contract machining services Rodney’s vision for the company was to design, build, install and support the CNC routers he designed and built for others, however after Rodney worked alone for a year designing and building his first CNC router he decided to show it to others in the wood industry.

When Rodney demonstrated that machine to the first potential customer his vision for ACT, Inc. quickly changed.

The customer told Rodney the upfront costs along the newness of computers and CNC technology scared him. This customer also told Rodney that he could see the potential value of this type of equipment and asked if ACT, Inc. could machine a couple of projects to evaluate. Word of a CNC router available for contract machining quickly spread and Rodney quickly refocused his business plan and began performing contract machining for established sign and fixture companies.

Because Rodney was an engineer who had previously designed, built and taught companies to use CNC routers he quickly assembled a team that has the benefit of his experience. His team has absorbed the know how to make the most out of the many CNC saws, routers, edgebanders, sanders and paint line.

After establishing the contract maching services Rodney quickly recognized the need for a Job Shop that specialized in CNC routing and machining, panel processing, assembly and contract finishing to fulfill the special needs and/or overflow production of his new clients. ACT Inc quickly became the go-to outlet for manufacturers across the country to outsource their work when capacity was not available in their own facilities.

Today ACT, Inc. still provides contract services to other manufacturers and garage enthusiasts but most of the projects now are sold directly to end users such as major retailers, hotel owners, physicians and general contractors. Please visit our Client page to see a list of some of our clients.

Below are some highlights of ACT, Inc.’s growth:

Opened sales offices in Miami, FL
Opened sales offices in Chicago, IL

Established relationships with several local warehouses to allow for over 300,000ft² of warehousing and distribution space as needed.

Opened Creation Store Fixture Company LTD (ACT China) in Shanghai, China
Opened a Sales and Project Management Office in Lincoln, NE.

Added an integrated cell consisting of:
Biesse Rover 5’ x 21’ CNC machining center
Biesse Stream edgebander
Biesse Elix 8’ boring and doweling machine

Added a Brant KD-994AQ edgebander

Added a Shoda 4 head – pallet changing CNC router

Added a Schelling rear load beam saw
Added a SCM 4 headed molder
Added a Weinig knife grinder for molder

L3 (Government Contract) Platinum Supplier 100% on time & no defects. 2008-2010.

Purchased additional 2-1/2 acres for future expansion
Added a Thermwood-42 5’ x 10’ CNC Router
Added an Epilogue 36 EXT laser cutter / engraver

Purchased 43,000ft² facility on 4-1/2 acres
Added a Superfici flat line UV paint system

Added a Paint Booth and started providing contract finishing services
Added a Holzher 1408 edgebander
Added a Holzma HPP81 beam saw

Moved to 7,000ft² in an industrial park

Purchased Thermwood-40 4’ x 8’ CNC Router

ACT, Inc. opens in the bread section of a closed grocery store

Construction of first CNC Router while trading work for rent in corner of large warehouse

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